Personal Loan


For Consumption, Housing Repairs, Renovations, Medical Expenses, Marriage, Ceremonial Expenses, Repayment of Debts, Other Reasons/Purposes acceptable to Bank etc.

Maximum amount:

Rs 500000/-


Salaried Person-Employee of reputed organization with confirmed service/ Businessman/ Professional/Self Employed person.


As per bank policy subject to reason of loan.


Regular Member of Bank.


Maximum 84 months subject to recovery U/S 49 OF MCS Act-1960


Minimum two sureties maximum depends on merit of proposal


Depends on merit of proposal

Interest Rate:

As per Bank Policy.

Service Charges:

Are applicable from time to time.

Documents Required:

Self certified KYC documents, Existing Bankers Statement for last one year Original Pay slips for last consecutive three months/Salary Certificate, form No-16 And/or IT Returns with computation of income and Financial statements for last Consecutive three years. In case of Businessman/Self employed/Proprietor/Partner/ Director/Professional IT Returns are compulsory along with other necessary documents.

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